Are Fishing Dying In Your Lake? A Sewage Leak May Be To Blame

Posted on: 6 April 2018

Having a private lake or pond can be a great idea if you have the money to invest in stocking it with fish. Unfortunately, a sewage leak can kill off your fish and be a major money pit. Thankfully, water and waste treatments are available for this issue.

Leaking Sewage Can Cause Serious Pollution

Sewage leaks can occur in many types of situation. For example, a sewage pipe running from your home underneath of a lake near you could burst and let sewage out into the water. When this happens, nasty sludge and waste will spread through the lake and cause a variety of issues. The scary thing is that you might not even notice the leak at first.

That's because the sewage will be heavy and typically stay at the bottom of the lake. However, if the leak gets severe enough, you will start to notice a variety of symptoms that are dangerous and which can put the health of the ecosystem around you at risk. As a result, it is critical to take steps to avoid stop this problem immediately.

Symptoms Of This Issue 

Dying fish popping up across the surface of your lake is the most obvious symptom of a sewage leak. Once your sewage presence reaches that level, you have a serious problem. However, you may also be able to smell sewer gas near your lake or even in your home. This smell will be incredibly potent and hard to tolerate.

You may also notice an increase of vermin, such as rats and various insects, on your property. That's because they often feast on it and use it to populate an area. Beyond that, you may notice a stench coming from your pipes or have a difficult time flushing your toilet. Thankfully, this issue isn't permanent.

Managing This Problem

When sewage leaks in your home or around your property, it is important to take several steps to manage it. If any ends up in a living area, it is essential to contact a cleaning crew right away. These professionals will take this dangerous sewage from your home area and clean away bacteria and other contaminants. In this way, they can keep your home safe.

And if the sewage leak ends up in your lake or in a pond near your home, it is critical to get your water treated right away. This process is particularly important if you ever go swimming in that lake or if you ever drink water pulled from the area. Sewage has a nasty way of spreading to all the water in an area and contaminating it for years.

So don't hesitate to contact a water treatment specialist if your yard gets infected with sewage. These professionals can identify a solution for this issue and take steps to ensure that your pipes no longer leak or spread nasty sewage through your home or property.