Want An Improved Automated Control System? Remember These Details

Posted on: 6 April 2018

As an industrial facility manager, you may want improved automated control systems for the machines and tools in your building. However, to ensure these systems will make machines and equipment work better, you'll need to remember these control system details as you plan and work with professionals.

Specific Needs

Anyone can ask for better functioning equipment or better tools. However, if you're hoping for a good control system, specificity is key. What is wrong with the way a machine works right now, for instance? What do you wish it would do without user input? Ask employees and operators about their own wishlists and needs before discussing control system design with your in-house engineer team or design professionals. The clearer idea you have of what's needed, the easier it will be to create the right system.

Use of Surge Suppression

If your panel includes inductive coils, high spikes in voltage can fry the entire control panel. Therefore, ensure that you have some kind of monitoring and suppression system in place so that high voltage spikes are rare.

Monitor Temperature

Temperatures are always of concern in an industrial facility, and the control panel should be watched as well. Make sure you ask for temperature monitoring of some kind.

Make Warning Lights Visible

Many times, a control system is enclosed in a panel to protect various components. However, this can often mean that when it stops functioning, you'll have no idea why until an engineer or consultant is free to open the panel and check it out for you. Low batteries, faulty PLC action, and other issues should be detected right away, so ask for warning lights to be placed in an exterior position on the panel so action can be taken.

Ask for Searchable Manuals

If you do have a problem with the new control system, you may want to see if you can repair it yourself before contacting experts. A simple manual is likely to be created for the system; ensure that it is searchable by way of an index or through a search box in the online document. You should be able to look for certain phrases so your team can do minor troubleshooting.

With these details, any new control system should be satisfactory. If your in-house team needs help or guidance, consult an outside company that offers design assistance. They can assess work that's already been done and guarantee that your control systems work as intended.

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