Looking To Buy A Used Industrial Crane? What Factors An Inspector Is Looking At When Examining The Crane

Posted on: 7 April 2018

Just like when you purchase a used car, you want to have an industrial crane inspected before purchasing it. This is extremely important because even used, industrial cranes can be pricey. And unlike cars, they often do not have a marker, such as a mileage odometer, that tells you how often the machine was used and how much life it may have in it.

If this is the first time your company is purchasing a used industrial crane, you may be unsure as to what factors a crane inspector is looking at when they inspect the used crane. Here are three key factors a crane inspector is looking for as they look at a used crane you are considering purchasing. 


One of the first things that an inspector will look for as they examine a used industrial crane is leaks. Just like with a car, there can be leaks under the crane or inside of the crane for a number of reasons. There may be a leak in a hose or a crack in a part that holds fluids. An inspector will often look for leaks as the crane sits in place and while the crane is in use, to determine whether there are any leaks and what may be causing those leaks. 

Welds on the Machine

Another important factor that an inspector will be keeping an eye out for as they examine a used crane are strange welds on the machine. If the machine was involved in any sort of accident, the machine may have been hand welded to fix the damage. If an inspector notices welds that seem out of place, this is often a good indicator that the machine has been involved in an accident and you may want to avoid it. 

Strange Noises

The last factor that an inspector will look for as they inspect a used crane for sale is the way the crane sounds. They will listen to different parts on the crane. If they notice any strange sounds, such as grinding, screeching or whining, this may be indicative of a problem. In some cases, they can pinpoint the problem based on the location of the sound and the sound alone. In other cases, they may need to do further inspecting to determine what the cause of the sound is and whether it is a minor or major problem. 

Hiring an inspector to inspect a used crane before you buy it can give you peace of mind that the crane you are buying is sound and in good working order. This helps you feel better about the investment you are making and helps you to avoid unexpected repair costs or problems. If you're ready to buy industrial cranes, contact your local equipment supplier.