3 Quick Tips To Prevent Decay Within Your Machines

Posted on: 8 April 2018

If you have machines that your business uses to produce products that depend upon cutting oils, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that the machines that you are using the oils in do not experience decay.

Change the Cutting Fluid

Keep in mind that cutting oils are not designed to last forever. Just like with oil used for other applications, such as vehicles and power tools, the oil inside of your machine needs to be changed.

The manufacture book that came with your machine should provide you with intervals for changing the oil in your machine. These intervals may be based on time, such as every six months, or they may be based on usage, such as every 1,000 uses of your machine.

Find out what the change intervals are for the cutting oils for your machines, and create a schedule and system within your business of changing out the cutting fluids on schedule.

Use the Right Cutting Fluid

Make sure that you are using the right cutting fluid on your machines. If you are worried about your machines decaying, you are going to want to use cutting oils that are labeled as having high antiseptic properties.

These types of cutting oils are specifically formatted and designed to help protect the inside of your machines. If you are not using a cutting oil with high antiseptic properties, the next time you change out your cutting oil, switch to one with better antiseptic properties. This information should be found on the packaging of the cutting oil that you purchase.

Check the Concentration

In between oil changes for your machines, you need to check the concentration of the oil and make sure that it is within the stated concentration range for your machine. This is information that you should be able to find in the owner's manual or by contacting the manufacture of your machines.

How often to check depends upon the oil change intervals for your machine. For example, if you should change the oil every six months, plan on checking and adjusting the concertation of the cutting oil every month. Or if you have to change the oil after 1,000 uses, check the concentration every 200 uses.

Keep an eye on the concentration of the cutting oil, and make adjustments as necessary. Add this to your list of maintenance tasks for your machines and make sure that someone is assigned this specific job. Creating a system of accountability is the best way to ensure that necessary maintenance is done on your machines.

Changing the cutting fluid on time, using the right cutting fluid, and checking on the concentration of the cutting fluid are three active steps you can take to ensure that your machinery that depends upon cutting fluid doesn't decay over time due to old oil in your machines.