3 Great Advantages Of Renting Out Trailer-Mounted Boilers

Posted on: 1 August 2018

If your commercial operations warrant the creation of heat in large supply, you will need a commercial boiler. You don't just want to choose any boiler, though. It's a good idea to consider mobile trailer-mounted boilers. They can provide the following benefits to your company. 

1. Highway-Legal 

A lot of commercial boilers are extremely large, which could pose some legal problems should you try having them shipped to your location. Failing to comply with your state's transportation laws could result in hefty fines.

You can easily avoid these fines with trailer-mounted boiler rentals because they're completely highway legal. They pass all state requirements because of the way they're loaded onto trailers. They don't take up too much space -- which makes them extremely safe to transport across state lines. 

2. No Long-Term Investment 

If your operations tend to move from state to state or even country to country, you probably don't want to invest your money into a permanent boiler solution. A better option is renting one of these commercial boilers out for a certain period of time. 

This way, you don't get sucked into a long-term investment that your company may not even need years down the line. If something changes and you realize you don't need to rely on the commercial boiler, you can stop paying once your rental period is over. Ending these rental agreements is fairly straightforward. If the issue is pressing enough, you may even be able to end your rental agreement ahead of schedule.

3. Quick Installation 

Time is money for your business. The last thing you want happening when renting one of these boilers out is for the installation to take a long time to complete. This will not happen when you rent out a trailer-mounted boiler, as the company you rent from provides installation services. 

They've handled many of these boiler installations in the past, so you can rest assured your rental boiler will be set up promptly and in a safe manner. Another reason why these installations are so quick is that the boiler can be used directly from the trailer it sits on. No heavy-duty cranes or machinery will be required for a successful setup. 

Having commercial boilers is extremely important if your company is involved in operations that rely on heat. Although there are many great boiler options available today, you can't go wrong with a trailer-mounted boiler rental. In addition to offering flexible rental agreements, these boilers are customizable and easy to set up.